Saturday, November 24, 2007

Must blog more often

Though I expect a lot of titles to be like this. I just don't seem to be good at keeping this up.

Saw Enchanted this evening. Not my usual fare, but an enjoyable evening. Predictable, as are most fairy tales, even the "modern" ones.

Spent some time this yesterday entering a contest for a board game. It was an "essay" contest and I had to tell what my 5 favorite games are, and why. Was fun to sit back and make sure I was putting the right games in the right order. Also made me really think why I love these games and think about when and where it started.

Thanksgiving has just passed, and it was a small quiet affair here at Casa di Viluppo. Most of the family was off elsewhere, so it was just the wife and one kid. It was nice though, cooked a small version of the traditional feast.

Worked on some stuff for that #1 game of mine today. New version left out something not necessarily critical, but nice to have the option of. Went ahead and created the stuff necessary to play that way again. I'll post more when I have some if it up (ya right :) )

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