Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bah... I tried this because it was a well known blog site, but feel I need to be doing my own thing. Wordpress here I come.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Must blog more often

Though I expect a lot of titles to be like this. I just don't seem to be good at keeping this up.

Saw Enchanted this evening. Not my usual fare, but an enjoyable evening. Predictable, as are most fairy tales, even the "modern" ones.

Spent some time this yesterday entering a contest for a board game. It was an "essay" contest and I had to tell what my 5 favorite games are, and why. Was fun to sit back and make sure I was putting the right games in the right order. Also made me really think why I love these games and think about when and where it started.

Thanksgiving has just passed, and it was a small quiet affair here at Casa di Viluppo. Most of the family was off elsewhere, so it was just the wife and one kid. It was nice though, cooked a small version of the traditional feast.

Worked on some stuff for that #1 game of mine today. New version left out something not necessarily critical, but nice to have the option of. Went ahead and created the stuff necessary to play that way again. I'll post more when I have some if it up (ya right :) )

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Am I a kid again?

As we grow into adults, we stop doing "kid" things. But I truly wonder just what defines something as a "kid" thing. As a teenager I participated in many activities that I no longer do now, but why did I stop.

I used to bowl a lot. I had my own ball, joined a league or two over the years, and I enjoyed it. I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I was bowling. I'm pretty sure I've been as an "adult", but I can't remember.

But I really want to talk about Roller Skating. How many Friday and Saturday nights as a teen were spent at the Roller Rink. How many parties were had in one of those back rooms, where you really didn't care about the party, you just wanted to get out and skate. So when was the last time you were on a pair of skates?

Adult Roller Blading is popular enough, I see them all the time when Lisa and I are walking down the boardwalk. But when was the last time you put on a pair of rented skates, and wheeled around the rink for an hour or so. Now it may sound dumb, but there's a lot of benefits to it. Lisa and I decided to do so last night, and I had fun. Lisa was a little hesitant out there, and took some spills, but then it's been a lot longer for her than it was for me. For me though it was the proverbial bicycle, after a few minutes I was back into the groove.

So we're cruising around the rink and what do I see? More appropriately what don't I see? Other adults. We kinda figured that going in, and it wasn't completely barren. There was one other couple put there, but they had a handful of small children with them. And in the end I'm not sure why not. Like I said, I had fun. There's something about the care freeness of just spinning around the rink. Another thing is that it's a great workout. Lisa said that the time we spent there earned her 10 Activity Points, and I'll say that I didn't see too many fat kids out on the rink. Now there's probably some Catch-22 in that statement, but I'll take getting fit where I can.

Lisa and I plan on doing it again. It was a fun activity, and doesn't cost that much. For about the same price as a movie ticket, we got admission and skate rental. For that price we could have skated for up to 4 hours, instead of watching a 2 hour movie. There's no popcorn involved, and we're doing something instead of sitting in a seat the whole time.

So how serious are we about this? We were actually looking at buying our own skates this afternoon :)

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